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Match review: Barnes 3 UBLCFC 1

Barnes opened their pre season with a win over UBLCFC.

Goals from George (2) and Harry we surged the win as Barnes started pre season on a positive note.

Barnes thought they took the lead early when George poked home from close range but the ref deemed the Barnes forward to be offside.

However George finally got off the mark for Barnes when he was able to finish first time unmarked on the edge of the box.

Barnes controlled the first opening quarter but the opposition were allowed to grow into the game after the drinks break, a cagey first half that saw Barnes go in 1-0 at the break.

The opposition then levelled it up not long after the restart when their full back got forward from a free kick and was able to take aim from outside the box to level the proceedings.

Barnes tried to control the tempo of the game but with multiple changes were unable to get patterns of play going regularly.

Barnes eventually regained the league when Harry’s free kick was met by Ena who could knock it into George’s path where he could tap home for his second goal of the game.

From that moment onwards Barnes controlled it and had their third not long after when Ena done well to knock it into the stride of Harry who took it well and gave Barnes a two goal cushion.

A good start in pre season for Barnes and something to build on over this summer.

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