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Barnes Stormers FC was conceived in 2013 in a pub, much like many other famous football clubs, named The Red Lion (Barnes, South West London).  A group of like minded, football loving friends had been playing football for several years prior, but it was only in 2013 that they decided to give their football group an identity. 

That group of friends had originally been brought together when their love of football drew them to join a gay football club training session but when that training session changed time, day and location the friends decided to continue as their own separate football group. That same group moved across London over the years and finally moved from Raynes Park (where they had played for a number of years) to their current location in November 2013 at Rocks Lane in Barnes where they still play to this day.

Over the years, the focus and nature of the football changed from a training session as part of a gay football club to a social football group open to not only gay men but men of all ages, sexualities, races, relgion. For many years, the football group operated a first come first served system to play social, fun football amongst themselves and were never a part of a competitive league. The well run group quickly gained in popularity and attracted more and more players looking to dip in and out of football without having to commit fully for several weeks as was often required by traditional football clubs.


Over the course of many years, running and organisation of the group was passed amongst numerous individuals and under new management, the group branched out to begin playing 9 a side friendlies against other established football clubs from the LGBTQ+ community. These 9 a side friendlies highlighted the desire of the group's members to begin playing other formats of football including 9 and 11 a side matches. 

With growing interest in competitive football, in the spring of 2019, the chairman decided to found the 11 a side team. No longer just a social once a week football session, Barnes Stormers FC was born. The decision was to join the Southern Sunday Football League (SSFL), a competitive Sunday League based across South London with the club to be entered into the newly formed Division 7. On founding the club, the decision was taken to immediately work towards achieving FA Charter Standard to achieve FA accreditation and aid the provision of a positive football experience from the club to all its members.


Barnes Stormers FC now pride themselves on being an inclusive club who offer an extremely positive football experience and count numerous participants from the LGBTQ+ community who play alongside people from numerous different backgrounds. The club are proud to be an England Accredited club that is able to offer football across 5, 6, 9 and 11 a side formats and hope to grow over the coming years.

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